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Language Arts
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Achieve 3000
Access Achieve3000 here.
Google Classroom
We will be using Google to present information in many different ways! From Google Presentations to publishing your writing through Google Docs, it will be very important to have this link handy.
Study Island
Use this link to complete Study Island assignments at home. You will find review topics as well as introductions to new topics we will learn throughout the year. Library of Congress
Here, you will find many resources including webcasts and online texts, and lists of books you may enjoy. I strongly recommend you check it out!
Look here for some practice materials and online games to review and improve your grammar.
Look here for review games, comics, Mad Libs and activities that go along with some books you may be reading!
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ST Math
Use this link to access ST Math.
Study Island
Use this website to complete your Study Island assignments at home. Study Island will help you review topics we have learned so far as well as introduce you to new topics we will explore throughout the year.
Mr. Nussbaum Math
Here you will find review materials as well as some math games to practice your facts and skills.
Here you will find a variety of math puzzles and games.
Cool Math 4 Kids
This website has many games, puzzles, and activities to practice your math facts and skills.
Here is an online Sudoku game for kids. Pick your level and try your best!
Social Studies and Science
Link - description
Dogo News
This website is an excellent resource for searching current event articles. Check it out!
Gogo News
Here is another website with kid-friendly news articles.
Chem 4 Kids
If you are interested in learning more about matter, atoms or chemistry, then check out this webpage!
Brain Pop
Look here for video clips about topics we are learning in class.
Use this website to explore primary sources and current events about our world.
The Library of Congress
Look here for some amazing primary sources and learn more about local, national, and world history.
If you are interested in space, look here for "out of this world" news, images, and activities!
National Geographic for Kids
If you are interested in life science, look here for fun facts, news, and photos about life around the world.