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Christianne Plietz » Welcome to Mrs. Plietz's Fifth Grade Webpage!

Welcome to Mrs. Plietz's Fifth Grade Webpage!

Welcome to Mrs. Plietz's 5th Grade Home Page!


I believe that all children can develop the essential characteristics of academic and social competency, a vital consciousness of others, independence, and a fundamental sense of purpose, all of which is required for academic, social, and emotional achievement. If the administration, teachers, staff, and parents offer support, respect, establish high expectations, and a feeling of belonging for all students, the entire community will learn and thrive.


My classroom is NUT FREE! Products containing nuts and peanuts are not permitted. Thank you for your understanding! Please have your child dress in layers when coming to school. My classroom may become very warm in the fall and spring and quite cool in the winter months.


My math students should be practicing the concepts taught in class each day, as well as memorizing the multiplication facts (1-12) and the math vocabulary handed out in class. Please practice your facts by logging into Homework is a very important way to review lessons, and students should continue to be conscientious about completing assignments. Additionally, students' notebooks will be collected throughout the school year and may be graded (date/legibility/completeness of notes). 


Students in my Math 5C class will be responsible for completing 30 questions in each 5th grade Study Island-Math topic  (US Fifth Grade Common Core) by February 28, 2019. Scores for each topic must equal or exceed 90% after completing the 30 questions required. If students do not have the compulsory scores, they must complete 30 more questions in those topics. Then they will receive full credit regardless of the score earned. 


Students in my 5B class will be working on the 5th grade Study Island and IXL math topics throughout the year both in class and at home. Students in my 5C class will also be working on the 6th grade Study Island and IXL math topics both in class and at home.


My Block 2 Math students are required to complete 10 minutes of ST Math per day on Monday through Thursdays or a minimum of 40 minutes per week).


Please check the homework posted on the webpage after school has ended for the day. Additionally, remember to look at your child's homework pad daily for up-to-date notices and upcoming projects.


Social Studies will begin the first week of school and continue through the second marking period. Science will be taught during the third and fourth marking periods. Ask to see your child's Social Studies textbook and have them show you around the TCI-Social Studies website. Enjoy! 



If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at


*The Winter Music Concert takes place on Wednesday, December 19th at 7pm.*


**Our class holiday party will take place on Thursday morning, December20th**


***Winter Break from December 24, 2018 through Tuesday, January 1, 2019***

 Happy Holidays!!!!!


Thank you.